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Art as a way of expression

All the paintings you can see in this website are originals painted by myself and they are or they were on sale. If you are interested on buying any of the paintings, you can contact me on the email bsarte.belensambucety@gmail.com otherwise by mobile +34 630 587 536.

Besides all the exibited paintings, it is possible to make personal orders, for example portraits or any other subjetc. Please do not hesitate in asking for prices.

Solo exhibitions

2014 Barrio de las Letras shopwindows, Madrid

2014 Studio calle Tahonas, Valladolid

2011 Exhibition space Fundación progreso y cultura, Madrid

2010 Exhibition spaceCaja Círculo, Valladolid

2009 Exhibition space BBVA, Valladolid

2009 Exhibition space Caja Duero, Valladolid

2008 Art gallery ‘The Courtyard’, Londres

2007 Art gallery ‘The others’, Londres

2006 Exhibition space ‘Euston Tower’, Londres

2004 Art gallery M G Fine Arts, Liverpool, Inglaterra

2001 Art gallery, Via Giambellino, Milán, Italia

1998 Berlín bar, Valladolid

Group Exhbitions

2014 Leka Leka coffe bar, Madrid

2014 Aranda´s fair, Burgos

2010 Aranda´s fair Aranda, Burgos

2009 Pimentel´s palace, Valladolid

2009 La Seca Cultural , Valladolid

2000 Fine Arts University of Salamanca

1997 Fine Arts Univesity of Sevilla

1996 Adiós bar,Valladolid

1995 Exhibition space BBV, Valladolid

1994 Exhibition space BBV, Valladolid

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