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Who is Belén Sambucety

I am an artist from Valladolid living in Madrid since a few years after a long period of time searching and exploring several cities. During this time I have developed myself personally and professionally.

My unstoppable curiosity brought me to move around since I was a student. While I was studying my career in Fine Arts, three cities embraced me; Seville, Salamanca and Milan. When I graduated, I decided to start my adventure to look for my first job in graphic design in Liverpool, where I was able to work granted during the first three months and stayed in the company a few more learning the main foundations of graphic design field.

Since I arrived in UK (where I thought I will remain for about four months to learn the language) passed three years traveling and working in the country, till I managed to achieve my mecca; the main city for art, culture and graphic design, it could not be any other than London.

London gave me the opportunity to develop myself as an artist as well as a graphic designer and on the other hand allowed me to learn more about myself and other cultures. The city is in my heart cause it gave me many joys, altough some hard times too. However, in general terms helped me to grow who I am nowadays.

The decision of coming back to Spain was not easy at all after spending seven years abroad fighting to get a chance as a foreign woman without experience at the beginning. However, I can say very proudly that although I had hard times, I can assure that it was rewarding and shaped my personality today. I am a confident and determined person, who is not scared of challenges, but dare me to become a better version of myself.

My past gets across in my artwork and designs in one way or another.


Since my childhood, have always been attracted by color, drawing, shapes and especially, how I could convey ideas coordinating all these elements. I used to spend hours drawing characters from comic strip, cartoon, famous portraits and anything that caught my attention, my eye.

Time went by and I continue developing this skill by taking private lessons until I decided to study Fine Arts. During my five years as a atudent the most enriching experience was learning from other students with similar interests, but exploring different ways to express it.

My career allowed me to try several artistic techniques, as well as learning from other fields such as the photography and sculpture, and in summary make up my own style. Also during this time I was able to recognise that throught the advertising, especially graphic design it was possible to reach a great number of people.

Graphic design became together with the painting, my two big passions that share my time and the best ways to communicate.

My paintings are a reflection of my internal world, my joy and ways to face life. They are colourful paintings but with striking strokes that emerge from my strong personality. Throughtout the colour is possible to appreciate the influences and tastes from other historic and artistic periods from the past, especially the impresionism and expressionism. The strong contrast of colour allow me to shape the figures and the space to achieve the desire armony.

The themes of my artowrk are focus mainly on people and water. The figure let me get into the soul of the character, look into their feelings and expressions until is depicted on the canvas. On the other hand, I have been always fascinatd by the water even before I grab the brushes. Analyze how the light split up into the water, the reflection translated in a multitude of colours, the movement and the contrasts that produces... I can never be bored of looking into it and learning to turn it into a painting.


It is not possible to understand design without the passion that moves everyone who works in this profession. Graphic design is pure vocation for us and for this reason, part of the designer´s soul is manifested in each project. Although a specific message has to be communicated, as well as bearing in mind the target audience, the work is filled with the designer´s feelings and thoughts.

As well as being a graphic designer I am an art painter. and I am constantly researching color, composition and harmony. Passion for the artistic world is in my blood. Daily life is full of  graphic design, that´s why it is difficult to not observe, compare and learn spontaneously new ways of expression. Therefore, in this natural way, I am able to develop new styles by observation.

As my portfolio shows, I have developed a range of advertising work, such as office brochures, corporate identity, exhibition stands, websites, flash presentations and video editing, as well as packaging.

I research every day historical and new styles, also thanks to the experience acquired abroad, I have been able to build up an ample vision of design and I will not stop looking for new methods and ways to communicate.

I have excellent interpersonal and administration skills to deal with clients in a friendly manner, developing close working relationships, hearing customer views and sharing my own ideas. I enjoy dialog and I believe that good communication is the most important thing to being able to reach satisfactory results for both parties.

I cannot say I know everything, but that every day I can learn new concepts. Technology is rapidly progressing and, for this reason, every designer has to keep learning new techniques. However, I do not see this as a problem, but as an opportunity to face new challenges. Currently I am looking for new ideas, inspiring myself in cosummated artists and new trends that born every day.

Graphic design itself is a way of expression that I will never stop learning and progress, as it is alive.


Personal orders can be made, such as portraits. Also I have many of my original paintings on sale. If you want you can have a look!

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Creative and original graphic design solutions to meet the client´s needs. Study of the brand and competition to stand on the market.

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Fully design of websites applying corporative style and using the latest "responsive web design" to adapt to all the gadgets.

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Original paintings applied to other objects, to give them a new life and uses. Promote art with the slogan Give, wear and decorate with art .

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